Piano Delivery

Monday, September 26, 2005


So I bought a piano in July from an out-of-state dealer with delivery scheduled for the week of August 22. I paid the full purchase price up front ($45,000 wire transfer on July 13th) but the dealer has postponed delivery five times and I have no idea where the piano is now or whether/when to expect it to arrive.

(I've had the rug rolled back and casters laid out and everything for three weeks; it looks kind of depressing in there by now.)

Anyway, on four of the scheduled delivery dates, this guy told me right up until the day before the truck was supposed to arrive that everything was going as planned, so I got ready and waited around the house, and waited some more, and kept waiting, and when I finally got through to the store it would turn out that the truck had never left, or had forgotten some piece of paperwork, etc.

FOUR TIMES this has happened! (The other time he did let me know that his plans had changed ahead of time.) So I'm pretty nervous by now; can't tell whether the guy is just clueless or whether I'm being had.