Piano Delivery

Friday, September 30, 2005

Strange, Portentious Message

None, and I really mean NONE, of this is information that I can vouch for. But since it was related to me in such an odd manner I will try to describe it and let you make up your own minds. (I have not made up my own mind, to be honest, and I will try to explain the mitigating circumstances as I see them.)

About three hours after I introduced the dealer's name into the thread on PianoWorld I got a "Private Message" on the forum:

We know this guy we can give you some information that would be helpfull, but only by phone. Please call at XXX-XXX-XXXX as for XXXX XXXXXXX.

So I called the number, but didn't get an answer until the following morning. The next morning I called the store (it was another piano store in the same market, which should obviously affect your evaluation of this story) and the guy told me some blood-curdling stories.

Update: The check did clear, which seems to contradict what the other dealer told me; so I'm removing his unsupported and partially disproven allegations. Either Texas is a weird place, or the piano industry is a weird industry. (Or both.)