Piano Delivery

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Couple of Updates

1) Covington never did fax the agreement (although he told me 2 minutes ago that he will fax it as soon as some customers clear out of his store.) And as I mentioned on Saturday, he is still using Boesendorfer's Vienna HQ as his newest excuse for not having any paperwork to show me, two weeks after he made the nice offer and sent me the mail about not being a character, but rather, a man of character.

2) So this week I've been trying to track the mysterious invoice down at its source, and so I've been talking to Marion Bowinkelmann in Vienna. (Which means a lot of early morning phone calls.)

Ms. Bowinkelmann, who has a fantastic name and accent, listened to my story and let me fax her some documentation: the invoice, Covington's letter about refunding my money, and my last letter spelling out our phone agreement to replace the missing piano with a new one for the original price.

This morning I called her back, and she was suddenly very guarded. She can't tell me anything now, she said. They are having their US representative contact Mr. Covington -- whom she keeps calling "Steve Cunningham"; I do hope that she has the right guy in mind -- and I will hear back from them early next week.

My plan, and what I asked her to do, was to have the Bosies draw up a purchase contract and fax it to me, whereupon I could fax it to Covington and he would be out of excuses. (Other than the series of excuses related to processing the imaginary insurance claim, which I am sure will come next.) But once I fax him the contract it ought to get easier to press him... as things are now, he just acts really agreeable and doesn't do what he says he is going to do.