Piano Delivery

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Contacted Bösendorfer USA

Tried to verify Scott's story (he told me that he had spoken to the US distributor and that he thought there was a Strauss-case 225 in their warehouse already.)

To: xxxxxx@bosendorferamerica.com
Subject: 225 Johann Strauss (re. Scott Covington)

Mr. Strmec,

I recently purchased a used 225 with the Strauss case from Scott Covington, and Mr. Covington just told me that the piano was damaged in transit, so he'll be replacing it with a new one. (Which would be wonderful, from my point of view.) But I just wondered if you could confirm this for me, and let me know when you expect to ship the instrument.

Thanks and best regards,

Update: just got a reply from Basilios:

Thank you for your note and apologize for answering late as I am currently back in Austria for the last several days. As far as I know we have not received an order request from Mr. Covington in reg to a 225 Ebony Polish Johann Strauss.


Basilios A. Strmec