Piano Delivery

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Informal Reply

Heard back from Scott today:


Sorry to just be answering your email/ fax until today. I was out of town yesterday and just got home today.

It will be Tuesday before I can get the new amended agreement to you. My attorney is in depositions all day tomorrow and I have been advised not to send anything before he approves it.

I appreciate your willingness to continue to work with us in this deal as well as your willingness to refrain from stirring up the people on the Piano Forum until I have had the opportunity to resolve it.

A check of the Piano Forum website will reveal that before now, our reputation has been good and consistent. I have not answered any of the accusations that have flown around there until we have a piano in your home and until we have the information we need to sue a few posters who we have identified as piano dealers and are masquerading as "concerned consumers". I have been a member of that forum for years and have never seen such trashing in it's history. I am being well-advised by people involved in the site and before all is said and done, will come out okay.

This is not to suggest I have not totally botched your delivery and failed miserably in terms of customer service and communication with you, but a "fast-Eddie" could not possibly have stayed in business and been as successful as we have been.

I hope before it is all over, you will know what The Piano Store is all about and that I am not a "character" but a man with character.

I will be in touch with you soon and feel free to call if you have any further questions.


Scott Covington
The Piano Store, Inc.

I have to admit that I'm not particularly impressed by the martyr act; but as long as he comes through with the new piano I won't complain about it, either.

Update: And by the way, I never said he was a "fast-Eddie".