Piano Delivery

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Still stalling

Heard from the technician this morning. He said that Scott told him on Monday that the piano was "not there yet", but that he would call him when it was ready. And that he hadn't heard anything since.

Steve, I called Scott the day I talked with you. He said the piano was not there yet. He said he would call me when it came in. As yet I haven't heard from him.


Thanks, Gary. It's possible that the piano no longer exists, but I will try to pin SC down before wasting any more of your time.

And then (why not?) he told me about a C7 he's got in his warehouse...

Thanks Steve, I'll wait to hear from you or Scot. If that piano doesn't work out for you, I have access to performance pianos from time to time that might be of interest to you. As of now I have access to a new C7 7' 6'' Yamaha that is one of the best pianos I have ever seen and under 30 K.


Anyway, I also heard from Keyboard Carriage, who said that they would make their first pick-up attempt next Tuesday, and obviously I am going to have to cancel.

Good Evening Steve,

Thank you for your business and your order # is smrd6150. I show your transfer rate as $700.00 dollars. Do you agree? If you have any questions I can be contacted @ 270-XXX-XXXX ext.142.

To which I replied:

Hi Rick,

$700 is fine; were you able to schedule the pick-up?

Good Evening Steve,
Thanks for the quick response. Your order will be processed tomorrow and Keyboard Carriage will make there first attempt to pickup the week of 10-10-05. If you have any questions I can be contacted @ 270-XXX-XXXX ext. 142.

This whole business is leaving the worst taste in my mouth, but it does seem like everybody else I've dealt with (excepting a few salesmen in Pittsburgh and Columbus) in the piano industry is a professional. And in SC's defence, the rigamarole I went through might have had more to do with the hurricanes (or the fact that he was trying to cheat me) than with his professionalism, per se.