Piano Delivery

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Got a technician

Hired this gentleman to inspect (and appraise, since I'll need to insure the thing if I end up buying it) the piano tomorrow at Scott's showroom. I should call to make sure the piano is back, safe and sound, but somehow I can't bring myself to pick up the phone and jeopardize my current calm. Maybe later in the afternoon.

Also, maybe I will offer to trade Mr. Hardy a few hours of website cleanup for his services.

Also, I played my freshman theory class the insane voice message about the piano being in a hotel room in Arkansas. They cracked up. The sharper legal minds among them said that I also deserve to be compensated for the mental anguish or whatever I've been suffering for the past month...

(Which, I'll have to remember which kids raised this issue and triple-check their grades, because I don't want to end up compensating anybody for pain or suffering.)